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Megan is a 28-year-old single mother who found her way to Employing Medina County (EMC) two years ago. With no place to live, a hungry 2-year-old and a job that wasn’t paying enough to cover necessities, she was trapped with no place to go—until she discovered United Way and the EMC program.

With the help of EMC, Megan got into transitional and then public housing, so she no longer needed to worry about where she and her son would sleep. With the help of EMC, Megan followed her dreams of going back to school to get certified in a field that would lead to a better income. With the help of EMC, Megan succeeded in deferring her college loans, so she could focus on paying the necessities for herself and her son without going hungry or becoming homeless, again.

Since joining EMC, Megan attended school full time -while working- and is now a certified Medical Office Administration Assistant. Now, her goal is to find a job in the medical field that will allow her family to live stably in an apartment not provided by public housing.  Megan is looking to take the next step in her journey toward self-sufficiency.