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THE WAY FORWARD: Krysta's story EMC

Krysta is a young woman that came to Employing Medina County (EMC) in June of 2016. After being released from jail, she was able to secure housing at a half-way house for women but needed a job and other necessities to get her life back on track. With a baby on the way and a family that was counting on her, the half-way house staff saw her determination to change and referred her to our program

Once a member of EMC, Krysta’s life coach helped her discover her passion—cooking. EMC was able to get Krysta into culinary school and a part-time job working for a restaurant. During this journey, her husband decided to start his own business that focuses on creating and selling food products for the home. With Krysta supporting him in the business, the dynamic duo had much success and were even featured in the news.

While juggling school and a new family business, Krysta stayed focused on her goal of working in the culinary field. Taking advantage of every opportunity that came her way, Krysta took extra cooking classes to enhance her skills. Her passion for the culinary field grew, and she now teaches for various cooking programs in the county.

With the amount of work Krysta put into getting herself on track, she developed a clear vision for what her future will hold. Krysta officially completed culinary school in December and was recruited into a master’s degree program - on scholarship!  Her end goal is to become a head restaurant chef and continue co-managing the family business.  EMC has been in her corner all the way.