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THE WAY FORWARD:  Cory is a 20-year-old that came into the Employing Medina County (EMC) program two years ago. As a kid getting released from Medina County Juvenile Detention Center, he knew he was going to face some challenges after getting out. With no place to live, no job and not a clue how to function as an adult in the real world, the superintendent of the detention center referred him to United Way and the Employing Medina County program.


EMC coaches taught Cory the basics of surviving in the adult world—how to open a bank account, write a check, live on a tight budget, prep for an interview and get the job, use proper etiquette at work, get government assistance, file his taxes—everything any adult needs to know. With the help of EMC, Cory’s first victories included securing a place to live, getting a job and getting government assistance until he could fully support himself.


Since his early accomplishments, Cory’s new skills and hard work have led to other victories in his life. He paid off his court restitution, bought himself a car and secured car insurance, purchased his own health insurance, and came completely off all government assistance. When he’s not working, Cory likes to volunteer his time for EMC by speaking to struggling youth, advocating for resources like EMC that can help youth in comparable situations.


Although Cory has come a long way, he still struggles. Every day, he wakes up hoping no unforeseen issues will arise, causing him to fall back into poverty. With the help of EMC, he has come from having nothing to standing on his own. Each day, Cory takes aother step forward toward self-sufficiency.