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New Tax Law

a Special Message from CEO, Cheryl Parzych on the new tax law

Along with our fellow Americans, we at United Way of Medina County are looking at how the passage of the new tax law will affect our organization and our ability to do our work in the community. Before the new law, donors to charities could get tax breaks for their charitable donations if they itemized their deductions. The new law, however, doubles the standard deduction without the need to itemize.  Many charities fear that doubling the standard deduction essentially takes away an incentive for middle-class families to donate to their favorite charities.  In Ohio, in fact, pessimistic estimates are as high as $3 billion in lost charitable support due to this tax law change.
If these predictions are proven accurate, the tax law change would not bode well for the 13,000+ households in Medina County who are working hard, but unable to afford the basics of housing, food, child care, health care, and transportation.  These working individuals and families were the subject of the United Way-commissioned report known as ALICE or Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.  In our experience, the ALICE demographic is highly motivated and the most likely to achieve self-sufficiency through our Employing Medina County program.  Even with our current levels of support, however, our EMC program lacks the resources to fully meet the needs of the county’s ALICE demographic on their path to financial stability.
Medina County has always been a caring and generous community. And we must continue to be strategically focused on caring for family, neighbors and friends.  The United Way model of using high quality data to determine community needs, engaging dedicated community members and experts, and supporting high-performing programs that produce real change, is proven to work.  We are here to help you invest your time and contributions in the most effective way. Won’t you please consider a generous contribution to United Way of Medina County?