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Nancy Wellener

Nancy Wellener

You can actively engage and be a part of the solution

For most outsiders, the city of  Medina is known for “The Square.” But that is not the only thing that drew Nancy Wellener, a United Way of Medina County Advisory Board member,  to the area. She and her husband Paul, and their three daughters, have been residents since 1998.
"Medina reminds me of where I grew up,” she notes.  "It has woods and trails and ponds similar to the ones I played in when I was younger, and I wanted that same experience for my children.”

          Although it is easy to look around Medina County and relish the beauty of the parks and quaint town squares,  the area is not without problems that need addressing or residents who struggle.

   “You can either complain about something amiss in your community or you can actively engage and be a part of the solution,” Nancy says, explaining what attracted her to volunteer for United Way.  "I am far more interested in problem solving.”

 And United Way, she continues, is focused squarely on problem solving by making sure  all local residents  have access to a quality education, essential health care, and the opportunity for financial stability through the organization's Employing Medina County program.

The energy and many hours Nancy devotes to volunteering for United Way have been a two-way street, since getting to know the community through her stewardship has been invaluable, she says.        
                “As a volunteer chairing the Education Committee in Cleveland and an advisory board member in Medina, I’ve been able to delve deeply into the more serious issues facing both Medina and Cuyahoga Counties. "The knowledge and skills I've gained these past 6 years have been immense. For that I am very grateful!”