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Looking for Help?

United Way is focused on the need to help people address the root causes and effects of poverty and to improve their success in reaching financial stability. 

In Medina County, there are nearly 22,000 households who are either living in poverty or on the edge and are unable to make ends meet.  Reference the ALICE Study, which reveals the size and scope of financial hardship in every Ohio community.

Our 2-1-1 helpline is a robust source for help finding solutions to life’s critical problems.  Connect by phoning #2-1-1 or chatting online to work with an expert navigator who will learn about your situation and educate you on what’s available nearby and who’s eligible.  In 2018, over 2,100 people in Medina County worked with 2-1-1 to solve their needs.  Over 40% of those had two or more needs identified and addressed on the same call.

Whether your challenge is finding a job, clothing, food, or a roof over your head, 2-1-1 should be your first call for help.