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Financial Stability/Employing Medina County

Employing Medina County (EMC) is a collaboration between United Way, local nonprofit organizations, area employers, and all willing and capable Medina County residents who are looking to advance their economic self-sufficiency through stable, long-term employment.

Using a holistic and * proven approach to increasing family stability and reducing poverty, EMC links our job-seekers (members) with area employers, while methodically addressing the myriad of barriers often faced by those who are either not employed or working hard but not earning enough to afford necessities. In Medina County, there are nearly 19,000 households who are either living in poverty or on the edge and are unable to make ends meet. Reference the ALICE study, which reveals the size and scope of financial hardship in every Ohio community

EMC is led by and funded through United Way, which receives grants and generous support from corporate and individual donors. These gifts allow us to provide EMC free of charge to our members. Poverty impacts individuals, families, and entire communities. Economically self-sufficient individuals are taxpayers, role models, and productive citizens able to provide for themselves without public assistance. Since its inception, EMC has assisted more than 200 families, impacting over 500 family members.  We invite you to join us in our efforts by DONATING NOW


EMC Members:

All Medina County job-seekers motivated to achieve long-term financial stability are invited to become members of EMC and partner with one of our dedicated and experienced life coaches. Together, EMC members and life coaches develop goals and create individualized service plans that address each member’s specific barriers to financial stability.

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EMC Employers:

EMC works with area employers in a collaborative effort that benefits both the employer and our members. Our goal is to provide employers with the very best candidates for improved talent acquisition results and reduced turnover. EMC's employers share our passion for poverty reduction through employment and civic engagement in Medina County. We invite all area employers who offer livable wages and full-time employment opportunities to join us.

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Our Team:

EMC consists of a program manager and two full-time life coaches. Meet our team.

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Thank you to the corporations that currently fund our program

Sandridge Food Corporation



* EMC is an affiliate of Cincinnati Works  and uses its proven poverty reduction model.