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EMC Members


It’s not just a program, it’s a relationship.


Why pick Employing Medina County?

Our mission is simple: to empower self-sufficiency through employment. Our unique holistic approach to removing barriers has been proven to be successful to sustaining employment. These barriers often include an unstable work history, a lack of needed job skills and education, legal barriers, lack of financial literacy skills, lack of transportation and/or childcare, lack of adequate housing and other basic needs, and physical or mental health issues. Such obstacles keep individuals and families in a cycle of poverty and dependency on public assistance that they cannot escape on their own. Since the path to self-sufficiency can be complex and may require years to achieve, membership in EMC and the relationship with life coaches is ongoing—even after employment has been secured. To date, EMC has assisted more than 200 families in Medina County.

What to Expect:

  • Orientation with your own personal life coach
  • Financial budgeting workshops
  • Legal aid seminars and assistance
  • Job search and interview coaching
  • Access to skills development, job training, and adult education classes
  • Assistance connecting with other needed resources such as daycare, interview clothing, and transportation.
  • Support provided to every member of your household.

First Steps:

People interested in becoming an EMC member must call and schedule a meeting with a life coach. At this meeting, the life coach will learn more about you, your barriers, and what type of employment help you are seeking. You will fill out an application, which asks about your household, work history, financial support, education, and criminal background.

After meeting, you must voluntarily complete a drug test at a local facility within 48 hours—this drug test is free of charge and is mandatory to become a member of our program.

Upon completion and passing, a life coach will then contact you to discuss next steps.

Other Things to Know:

A criminal background screening is completed after your first meeting. Your criminal background does not affect your ability to be a member in our program. This is done so we know what issues may arise when looking for employment.

Ready to become a member?
Contact our program manager today!

Debbie Boehmke:
(330) 725-3926 ext. 229