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EMC Employers

Employing Medina County is looking for employers that regularly hire entry to mid-level employees to participate in our program. This relationship becomes beneficial to both parties, leaving the employer with qualified job candidates and EMC members with self-sustaining jobs.


How our members become qualified candidates:

  • Members either work one-on-one with their life coach or in small group sessions to learn the following in a hands-on method:
  • Soft Skills
  • Business Etiquette
  • Stress Management and Healthy Choices
  • “Getting on Track” financial program taught by the OSU Extension Office
  • Resume building, Interviewing, and Networking skills taught by OhioMeansJobs
  • How to dress for an interview taught by First Impression.


Committing to Advancement:

When EMC members are ready, we are there to help with all advancement opportunities, whether through job promotions or continuing education. Our members are a part of our program for life and are free to reactivate their membership whenever a barrier enters their lives. We’re side-by-side with our members through all their struggles and are there to help them reach self-sufficiency.


Drug Screening:

When entering our program, EMC members agree to be drug-free and remain drug free throughout their membership. Interested candidates voluntarily take a drug test before beginning their membership and can only be an active member in our program upon completion and passing. Candidates that do not pass and are not ready to make this commitment are referred to county support resources that can provide recovery assistance.


Background Screening:

EMC members voluntarily agree to participate in a criminal background check as preparation for job placement and readiness.


Results-Driven Commitment:

Each EMC member hired comes to you ready to work with the complementary support of a life coach. This team comprising the employer, member/employee, and the life coach is proven to produce excellent results. Strong two-way communication between the life coach and employer, as well as between the life coach and member, allow us to follow up regarding performance. Through this two-way communication style, we can address any issues and concerns you may have regarding your employee, our member, immediately.


Results Aligned to Your Strategic Goals:

Employers across the entire Cincinnati Works affiliate network all report measurable results such as: increased quality of hire, decreased turnover, reduced cycle time to hire, decreased cost of hire, and decreased cost of attrition.

Among our strong business relationships are Sandridge Food Corporation, Fire-Dex, Pleasant Valley Corporation, the Medina County Home, and other Medina County companies.


Ready to become an employer in Employing Medina County?
Contact our program manager today!

Debbie Boehmke:
(330) 725-3926 ext. 229