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Designation Policy

Our donors invest their philanthropic gifts with United Way of Medina County because they appreciate our unique ability to convene a wealth of resources to address the greatest challenges facing our community. They know that United Way can bring together cross-functional teams of volunteers and programs to drive real change, and provide those in need with access to the tools and resources to live a quality life.
We invite all donors to direct their gifts to the following focus areas:

Community Impact Fund

Based on the analysis and recommendations of volunteer coalitions, gifts will be directed to work across all three of United Way’s focus areas.

Early Childhood Development

Gifts to Early Childhood Development will be used for addressing emotional and social barriers to learning, promoting and increasing early childhood literacy, and providing after school academic and mentoring opportunities.

Youth Engagement

Increasing access to mental health services, educating youth on making safe and healthy choices, and helping our youth mature into successful members of our community.

 Income Stability

Helping unemployed people get and keep jobs, increasing career advancement for underemployed people, and educating unemployed and underemployed on financial management.

For those donors who live outside of Medina County and wish the direct their gift to the United Way in their community, United Way of Medina County is committed to directing those gifts. Designation payments to other United Ways will be made quarterly. A small processing fee may be charged. All designations must be reported before December 31st.
Please contact United Way of Medina County with any questions you may have about our focus areas or designation policy