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Amy Demlow

Amy Demlow Way Liaison...Costa Rican Zipliner

Amy Demlow is a familiar face around Medina County. She has been a Medina resident for 17 years and with the firm of Critchfield Critchfield & Johnson for 21 years. This year, she has graciously signed on to be the Campaign Chair of United Way of Medina County (UWMC). In this position, she will be reaching out to current campaign partners and sharing our story with future partners to help explore ways to advance the work of UWMC.

It’s a natural position for Demlow. Philanthropy has been a lifelong commitment for her. She described early life as  “classic blue collar” with parents who always had an eye on helping the community.

"We sold a lot of candy bars,” she joked.

When she got her first professional job, she was inspired by the one of the business principals who was an advocate for United Way, and she started giving through work. It wasn’t long before she became directly involved with UWMC, serving on numerous committees during her six-year tenure as a board member and presiding as Board Chair from 2008 - 2009. She continues to help make crucial decisions by being involved with the UWMC governance committee.

During this next year as Campaign Chair, Demlow will get the opportunity to share her knowledge of United Way programs with businesses throughout the community and let them know about the programs that we offer and how they can be involved. Her passions lie within our commitment to income stability and youth engagement.

“We need to support our county businesses in their efforts to locate and hire qualified individuals who can get to work and pass employment screening,” she said. “We also need to make sure our youth have emotional support so they can resist risky behaviors such as experimenting with drugs and alcohol.”

Speaking of risky behaviors, I asked her about that zip-lining. She laughed, “While I am generally fun-loving and friendly, I am risk-averse. No motorcycles and hang-gliding for me, I did zip-line once in Costa Rica and took surfing lessons there, too. But that was enough adrenaline for a long time.”

We hope that being Campaign Chair can give her that same exhilaration!