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Volunteer Opportunities

Making an impact in their community are Ruhlin Company employees (left to right):  Beth Hevener, Sara Clark, Joe Sohutskay, Pamela Krutz, and Evan Frounfelker, with United Way's Director of Community Impact Angela Niemiec.

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Unity in the Community:  2017 Days of Action

Medina County runs on volunteers.  During June, 17th-24th, our Medina County Volunteer Corps will be working with organizations throughout the county, fulfilling needs of all kinds.  You can be one of those making a difference - while enjoying yourself, bonding with friends and family, and making new friends.  This is the place to put your community passion into action.  Click the link above to register as a first-time volunteer and/or explore Days of Action opportunities (needs and events).  Collect your volunteer t-shirt at the site of your project and wear it proudly.  See you in the community!

Benefits of Volunteering Are Many

Giving your time and talent by becoming a volunteer and working with others is a powerful way to enrich your life.  You can activate your passions, use your skills and experience, help a cause, lead a movement, make new friends, and have some fun!  

United Way has a big vision for volunteerism in Medina County and has invited organizations throughout the county to make opportunities available on our online volunteer center, helping to build a corps of enthusiastic volunteers who stand ready to work where needed.  Opportunities will include one-time assignments and ongoing as well.  Needs might be unskilled or complex, drop-in or long-term.

It takes an army of effort to keep our county beautiful and accessible for every neighbor.  Register now to be part of it all as part of the Medina County Volunteer Corps!