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Amy Demlow

Amy Demlow is a familiar face around Medina County. She has been a Medina resident for 17 years and with the firm of Critchfield Critchfield & Johnson for 21 years. This year, she has graciously signed on to be the Campaign Chair of United Way of Medina County (UWMC). In this position, she will be reaching out to current campaign partners and sharing our story with future partners to help explore ways to advance the...

Tom Schmidt

“Tom Schmidt? I just saw him at Buckeye Family Day.”   
        –Cheryl Parzych
“Tom? I was just with him at Junior Leadership’s graduation. The kids think he is super!”     –Susan Vlcek
“He’s a great soccer coach―he’s a soccer nut like me.”
        –Ryan Carlson

    If you want to find Tom Schmidt around town, look for a group of kids engaged in an activity because he is probably the one...

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About 1,200 students will benefit this year from United Way of Medina County's "Stuff the Bus" campaign, and this year's collection might be the organization's biggest yet, Executive Director Cheryl Parzych said.

The July campaign encouraged community members to donate school supplies to help Medina County students in need be prepared for their first day of school.

Preliminary estimates show 21,000 items donated as of Thursday,...

Ron Paydo

Ron and Kathleen Paydo have a plaque in their house that reads, “Welcome to our happy, crazy, fun, loud, home.” They have raised four biological children, so you could assume this plaque probably rings true. But they have also taken in close to ninety foster children over the years. Feel free to assume that they have cornered the market on happy, crazy, loud, and fun.

            But they have also cornered the...

Nancy Wellener

For most outsiders, the city of  Medina is known for “The Square.” But that is not the only thing that drew Nancy Wellener, a United Way of Medina County Advisory Board member,  to the area. She and her husband Paul, and their three daughters, have been residents since 1998.
"Medina reminds me of where I grew up,” she notes.  "It has woods and trails and ponds similar to the ones I played in...

The last day of the E4 Youth Summit saw youth volunteering

After learning about their leadership strengths in October, the participants of the 2016 E4 Youth Summit reunited to complete their community service projects. On November 12th, participants arrived at the Medina County Career Center to complete the projects they had chosen from Day 1 of the Summit.

All project options and advisers were brought in courtesy of the...

They went outdoors or stayed indoors. They worked with people and animals. They used their brains and did some manual labor, too.

Saturday was a morning filled with diverse, hands-on projects for high school-age youth in Medina County.

About 200 participants volunteered for United Way’s Youth Day of Action. The service work was an outgrowth of a recently held program called the E4 Youth Summit that set up opportunities for...

Volunteering in the community may seem like a formidable challenge to some, but the participants of the 2016 E4 Youth Summit say otherwise. On October 28th, participants learned about their own strengths, listened to a panel of speakers and chose volunteer opportunities within Medina county.

Mrs. Kelley Jones, a volunteer with United Way of Medina County has helped plan the Summit the past two times it’s been held. She said it was...

The 2010 U.S. Census data show Medina County is 92 percent white, and the Medina Diversity Project is seeking to engage the community in an extended discussion on race.

The most recent meeting was Tuesday night at the Medina Library. But of the 14 people in attendance, only one was black.

Organizers said they were hoping for more diversity. So were the participants, whose last names were not used because leaders sought to allow...